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Big C Fucks Xmanican For Hours Preview

Released: 06/23/19
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Length: 2 min. 29 sec.


Don't miss this INCREDIBLE 3 PART Video totaling over 1.5 hours "Big C Fucks Xmanican For Hours"!!!  It was my first ever Encounter with the uber sexy Xmanican.  He is an Studio Exclusive for Sean Cody, and I can see why they got him under contract.  He has a youthful, sweet energy combined with an incredible sex appeal.  That ass literally drives me wild.  Anyway, he came over early afternoon on his motorcycle (huge turn on), and we literally fuck for hours until the sun sets.  We start on the bottom floor and work our way to the top, where I bend him over and make him stare at the ocean while breeding.  Honestly one of my favorite videos and after getting to know him, also one of my favorite boys.  Just days after this epic session, I took him to my favorite sex club, so Stay Tuned!  6-23-19