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My name is Cory (my friends have always called me Big C), I’m a 42 year old "Daddy" with a love of sex. I’ve NEVER done Studio Porn! I spend my days as a businessman, but I am dedicating an ever increasing amount of time to this amazing porn career that has so quickly blossomed! I’m a HARD worker (all pun intended), so I enjoy pursuing multiple careers!

My Hubby’s name is Jared, former Gay Porn Star Jayden Grey. He quit Studio Porn when we met 10 years ago. Since then, he’s filled his days being a kick ass House Husband, taking great care of our clan of French Bulldogs and the awesome homes we own. Together for over 10 years & married, we are one hell of a team— loving Life and ALL its Journeys!!


We began our porn career making videos in early 2017. We used Onlyfans and Justfor.fans as Platforms to showcase our Collection as it grew. We have launched this Site with our ENTIRE Collection, currently consisting of over 700 Videos!


Creative Style

Our videos have a unique style: I creatively film, edit, & basically “produce” our REAL LIFE sexual escapades: Solos, our Couple Sex, & Sex with Porn Stars/ Amateurs/ Even DL Buds.

thebigcmen.com thebigcmen.com

Real Sex

While we strive to film natural/REAL sex, we always put the extra effort in by using multiple cameras & capturing extremely unique angles— even using our drone at times!

We do zero studio porn so our Content is ALWAYS 100% EXCLUSIVE!


Since our background is quite different from most Porn Stars,

you can expect an entirely different Experience when exploring our Collection. A common theme with us is “REAL”. We have REAL SEX, use our REAL names, and give you more of a look into our REAL, PERSONAL lives than any other porn star out there!


We don't offer any of our vids for Sale, but you can always access our ENTIRE Collection, which remains in REAL chronological order and continues to grow by the day!


I do 100% of the editing, and you will quickly see how I infuse my creative passion into each video.

Each video has a Screenshot title page and description, along with time stamps.

Some of the videos are short clips, while many are LONG, even multi part videos that can span 20 minutes to one hour or more.


We work tremendously hard on making this Experience the BEST it can be,

and all we ask for from you is to set your Membership on "Recurring" and enjoy the ride.

Thank You all for your support!

-Cory & Jared