Hey Guyz—


As you can already see, we enjoy working with total AMATEURS in addition to all the big name Studio Porn Stars.

We created this page so that you all have direct access to an application process here on the site.


If you'd like to be considered, please send ALL your BEST pictures in the first message.


Include face, body, and of course fully nude with ass and cock. Include what you enjoy sexually and what you'd be interested in doing on video. Send all your information to cory@thebigcmen.com.

Getting closer..

If we are interested, we will follow up with you to complete your application. We are located in Los Angeles, California and are only looking for guys that are local or will be visiting the area. Our shooting process is really quite unique. We use one or two cell phones and literally try to have as natural of sex as possible.

Although we do feature guys without face, this application process is more geared toward guys willing to show face and those will always be given priority. We do not pay anyone, not even the big name porn stars-- It's an evolving Industry and we are having a blast with this awesome niche we created.

We'll always incorporate Amateurs into our Collection and look forward to hearing from you soon!