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Welcome To TheBigCMen.com!

Released: 04/10/19
Views: 291754
Favorites: 41

Length: 3 min. 21 sec.


Check out this super BADASS 3 minute Video "Welcome To TheBigCMen.com" that Jared & I made to celebrate the creation of this site, dated April 10th, 2019.  This site represents the entirity of our Collection (from 2017 to present), and is organized in chronological date order.  Videos feature a large variety of all types of guys from the most famous of porn stars to complete amateurs and even fans!  Each video has a title page, with the length of the video below.  There is a very useful SEARCH feature located at the top right of of the site, which allows subscribers to search the entire collection for vids containing any keywords inputted.  The number of views and favorites also displays on each vid, which helps you navigate & see which are the most popular!!  I personally put tremendous amounts of time & energy into editing each vid, creating the best experience possible!  The members side of this site is all FULL vids (almost 1,000 spanning 2017-current), while the non-members side offers an amazing selection of previews (2019-current) for FREE! We hope you enjoy & thank you in advance for all your support!  Our goal is to get you ALL subscribed on recurring to enjoy this amazing journey alongside us!  4-10-19