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Cory Breeds Aiden Tyler After Going Out To The Bars Preview

Released: 09/27/22
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POSTING FULL VID WITHIN HOURS:  Don't miss this SUPER HOT 28 minute video "Cory Breeds Aiden Tyler After Going Out To The Bars".  I had went to a bar with some buds and ran into this sexy fucker.  I had seen vids of his eager ass and deep throat, so I'd been wanting to collide for a while now.  He was in town visiting, and I grabbed my chance when I saw him out at the bar... I lured him home and used that ass soo good.  When I saw how good the sex was gonna be I grabbed 2 phones and slid one right under for an AMAZING penetration closeup.  Crazy chemistry here with this super sexy British hunk.  He spends the night and I use his throat to perfection the next morning.  Stay Tuned, Posting that next!  9-27-22