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PG Vid: Cory & Jared's Xmas Gift: 200 Gallon Saltwater Tank Arrives Preview

Released: 12/19/20
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Check out this cool 8 minute PG Video "Cory & Jared's Xmas Gift: 200 Gallon Saltwater Tank Arrives".  Yes, I know ya'all are here for the SEX, but I like to throw in these PG Behind The Scenes Vids of our life to keep you in the loop!  We have always wanted a badass saltwater tank, and we finally found just the perfect one.  The 6 foot long Red Sea Peninsula creates a breathtaking centerpiece room divider, perfect for our Great Room!  Jared & I are both Cancers (send Bday gifts July 8th for Jared & 19th for Cory)!  Anyway, Cancers are a water sign, so we absolutely love & find peace in water.  Hence why we loved the beach house for so many years!  The owner of this aquiarium store is super aweome and talented, and he created this awesome product for us start to finish in just about 6 hours!! Enjoy! Hope everyone has safe and happy holidays!!  12-19-20