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PG (Mostly) Video: The Big Move Saga-- Goodbye Manhattan Beach Preview

Released: 03/07/20
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This super long 55 minute PG (Mostly) Video "The Big Move Saga-- Goodbye Manhattan Beach" is 6 months in the making!  After over 2 years of filming in the beach house, we felt an amazing video was necessary for closure and to introduce ya'all to the new Digs!!!!  Selling the house was brutal.  We had one buyer back out, and the markets here in California are all over the place.  Luckily, we were finally able to sell the beach house and find a place we loved at the same time.  Contingent deals are the MOST complicated, but we made it work... The dogs were growing quickly, and with 9 total it was total chaos.  We took clips throughout the last 6 months (including some cool drone footage) and do NOT blink because you will miss something LOL!  Also sorry in advance for using the word "badass" like 30 times, I literally have no idea why I beat that word to death LOL!  Enjoy the Journey, and thanks again for all your support!  We love sharing our lives and passion with you all!  3-7-20