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PG PROMO CLIP: "It's A Thing: It's A Brand!"

Released: 04/24/19
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Length: 1 min. 3 sec.


Don't miss this 1 min PG Promo Clip "It's A Thing: It's A Brand".  So as you all know, we have spent the last 2 years developing our 100% Exclusive Collection, and day by day building our "Brand".  When we finally left JFF, we were the #1 Fan Count leaders with over 1,500 Fans enjoying our Collection!!  Leaving the Platforms and launching our own private site has been so exciting because it is the ultimate step in our Brand becoming an OFFICIAL Brand.  So we ordered a variety of merchandise from pens and mugs to socks and hoodies.  The hoodies just arrived, and we wore them together here for the first time on the walk to our local spot for dinner!  We are super excited with how they turned out, comfy and casual, but stylish at the same time.  In addidion to wearing our products around town and in videos, we will offer them all for sale here on the website in the near future.  Once everything has arrived, we will create a separate tab where you guys can purchase!! So stay tuned, and thank you all for your Support!!  4-25-19