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PG Vid: Gettin Ready To Go To Dinner For Jared's 31st Bday

Released: 07/08/19
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Length: 2 min. 49 sec.


Check out this Cool 3 minute PG Video "Gettin Ready To Go To Dinner For Jared's 31st Bday".  Our good friend Kristen came over to puppysit for us while I took Jared out to Pump for his Birthday.  We did an improprtu photo shoot with the dogs and then headed out.  Hope you enjoy the Inside Look! After Dinner I gave him a good long hour Daddy Massage and let him rail me hard until Blowing deep in my hole.  I'm still sore!!! My Birthday is on the 19th, so he owes me BIG!!! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!! 7-8-19.