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PG Video: Behind The Scenes, Jared Explores Montreal, Canada Preview

Released: 09/30/19
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Length: 1 min. 23 sec.


Check out this Cool 20 minute PG Video "Behind The Scenes, Jared Explores Montreal, Canada".  So Jared had been wanting to take a solo trip and decided on Canada!  He had read that solo travel is important to do in life, and we both thought it would be hot to play separately during that week apart!  Jared met up with legendary porn star Pierre Fitch & his bf Rocky Vallarta, along with a few newer super sexy young Boys.  I had some scorchin hot shenanigans of my own while he was gone, duh!  As always, we like to give you guys the real life "Behind The Scenes", so Jared took these clips and we spliced together this cool vid for ya'all..  Enjoy!  9-30-19