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NEXT DAY PREVIEW: Cory Locks Up Caged Sub Reef Ryder In Dog Cage & Uses Him Good After Friend Leaves

Released: 07/25/20
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This sub was here over 6 hours last night, and had to get you a little sample to get your dicks HARD!! I had tried him out a few weeks earlier-- Alot of dudes say they are "sub", but most the time they don't really mean it. This one, however, is a TRUE SUB! I told him we had a girlfriend coming over to hang a few, and he said. "Do what you want with me". So I locked him in the dog cage and made him wait. I went in every 20 minutes to fuck with him, and even watched him in the surveillance cam with our girl friend. Our friend is a big T.V. producer, and is seriously trying to find a venue for a reality show for us... Of course I destroyed the sub for hours after she left, Stay Tuned. I promise I edit as fast as I can, but I always seem to be filming at a faster pace!! I do it ALL myself, so I appreciate your understanding and patience-- Enjoy the Journey! 7-25-20