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SuperStar Michael Roman & Big C Epic After Hours Laundromat Fuck Preview

Released: 10/29/19
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Length: 2 min. 29 sec.


I think this SCORCHIN HOT 34 minute Video "SuperStar Michael Roman & Big C Epic After Hours Laundromat Fuck" is one of the BEST Vids I've ever made!!  I have a great connection with MIchael Roman and think he's an all around awesome dude, and of course drop dead sexy!  We had made just one video so far, a public bar bathroom stall breeding video (Release Date 6-12-19).  He doesn't live here, so I try to hang with him whenever he is in town.  He was on a family vacation this week and was able to sneak away for a night, so I built up enough courage to plan an AFTER HOURS Laundromat Fuck.  My family has access to the surveillance, so I warned my brother (who is cool as fuck) not to look LOL.  And I kept my eye on the front door to make sure we didn't get any unforseen visitors... It all worked out perfect, and within an hour we had made a truly epic scene.  I was even able to pull video surveillance footage from that night and incorporate it.  Michael Roman is a big studio superstar, so seeing him raw and unscripted like this is awesome!  He was such a good boy that I took him around the corner to the famous "Randys Donuts" afterward!  Enjoy!  10-29-19