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Big C Gets Swallowed By A Local Cock Sucker Before Breakfast Preview

Released: 10/05/19
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Length: 1 min. 53 sec.


Check out this HOTT 11 minute Video "Big C Gets Swallowed By A Local Cock Sucker Before Breakfast".  This Dick Sucker lives nearby and I had met him previously from Grindr.  I already knew he had good dick suckin skillz because he had been over a few times before.  This time, he texted me early in the am on a beautiful Sunday while I was home alone (Jared was in Canada).  When he mentioned Video, I grabbed my phone and told him to meet me on the top floor balcony...  His skills are so good that he makes me cum quick as hell-- Nothing beats a good BJ before breakfast!  Enjoy!  Also-- I have one more vid from my solo time while Jared was in Canada, so stay tuned for that (hint hint, it will be very well liked-- Daddy Bottoms for a Sexy Amateur that has been in one very popular vid already!)  10-5-19