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He's Back: Homowithahammer Returns- Day 1: Taking Big C's Morning Load Preview

Released: 11/20/20
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He's Back! Check out this 11 minute Video "Homowithahammer Returns- Day 1: Taking Big C's Morning Load". He had spent an entire week with us the month prior, and we told him we'd love another visit anytime. Daphne was about ready to give birth during his visit, so he said he'd love to return when the puppies were born. He arrived just a few days after their birth, and we had an awesome few days playing not only with puppies, but with each other. In this morning scene, Daddy gets Jared off, then heads to the guest room to fuck the cum out of an eager Homowithahammer. Stay Tuned, more of Homowithahammer to follow! 11-20-20