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Our Final 3 Way Fuck With Studio Superstar Devin Franco Preview

Released: 09/17/19
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Length: 2 min. 21 sec.


Don't miss this Amazing 2 Part Video (over 62 minutes) "Our Final 3 Way Fuck With Studio Superstar Devin Franco".  So I had saved these vids from the month that we were dating Studio Super Star Devin Franco.  He met us at our Christmas party and it was apparently "love at first sight", him and Jared had a moment... blah blah blah... Anywayz, he then proceeded to stay with us as a "live-in boyfriend", and we created alot of very "special" vids.  Great connection, lots of dp/fisting, always amazing & adventurous sex!  This video was one of the last times we fucked, EVER!  Just a few days after the filming, Devin signed his Exclusive Contract at Falcon, leaving us-- Forever!  All kidding aside, it was a very memorable and beautiful "boyfriend experience" with a truly talented Bottom!  9-17-19