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PG Vid: Daphne's 2nd Liter: 6 Beautiful Puppies- October 2020 Preview

Released: 11/08/20
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If you enjoy our PG lives, check out this cute 18 minute Video "Daphne's 2nd Liter: 6 Beautiful Puppies- October 2020".  As you all know, I post PG Vids every now and then so ya'all can see what we are up to when our clothes are on!  Jared's passion is breeding French Bulldogs, and as of now we have created an awesome family with 4 females of prime breeding age.  Daphne just had her second liter of 6 healthy pupppies, and I brought the camera along with to document the magical process.  We'll likely keep the 2 gray ones, since so far we don't have any of that color!!! Homowithahammer was in town to help us with the first week, and along with taking care of puppies he took VERY VERY good care of us.  Additionally, we filmed a crazy epic 5 way with star studded models (JJ Knight, Luke Truong, Bigdickfig, Homowithahammer) and our new leather sling!  Stay Tuned, It's been a CRAZY week!  11-8-20