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Monday Morning Fuck: Jared Wakes Cory Up With Sucking & Fucking Preview

Released: 09/09/19
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Length: 2 min. 19 sec.


Don't miss this Sexy 12 minute Morning Vid "Monday Morning Fuck: Jared Wakes Cory Up With Sucking & Fucking".   We haven't made a morning vid in quite a while!! It was Monday Morning and Jared woke up super horny wanting the Dad Ass... After some sucking I get on top and ride that beautiful boy dick until we both NUT!  We keep the cam rolling to give ya'all a peek into our morning after also...  No better way to start the week!! Enjoy!! Also, Jared is off for a solo trip to Montreal, Canada next week, which is going to be super interesting!!! He has plans to play with some big name porn stars, so stay tuned for all that... And of course when Jared is away, Daddy will play... :) 9-9-19