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Big C Tops His Uncut Bud From Chile: Hot, Long Midnight Suck Fuck Session Preview

Released: 04/23/19
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Length: 2 min. 19 sec.


Make sure you have a Full HOUR to beat off to this 63 minute Crazy Hot Video "Big C Tops His Uncut Bud From Chile: Hot, Long Midnight Suck Fuck Session".  So i've done 3 Videos with this sexy Amateur from Chile, and he loves it more each time.  He texted me while I was editing and I told him to bring that fine ass over!!  When we met almost a year ago he started out telling me he was a Top, so I Bottomed the first two times.  Then the last two times he's been letting me train him to be my Bottom.  He is quiet and submissive, but sure enough he really is scared to Bottom.  So we sipped wine, smoked 420, and I explored a whole bunch of sucking and Fucking positions with him.  He said it hurt and he was scared at times, but I talked real sweet and dirty to him... And sure enough his Boy Hole opened up real nice.  I love amatuers because EVERYTHING Is SO AUTHENTIC!  For some reason, he either cums quietly or doesn't cum.  He always tells me it happens and I don't know!  Either way, he enjoys servicing Daddy every moment he can, and he literally drinks my entire built up, edged load at the End.  Insane NUT in his warm mouth!!  He told me he had never been to a Sex Club, and whenever a boy tells me that I'm inspired to take their Sex Club Virginity.  We went a few days later and it was fucking Epic, we flipped like crazy!  So stay tuned for that video cumming soon also!!  4-23-19