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Big C Finally Tops The Amateur Pepperdine Student: Part 1 Preview

Released: 04/27/20
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Here is the long awaited 32 minute Part 1 of "Big C Finally Tops The Amateur Pepperdine Student". This sexy amateur has been in 2 vids already and he is wildly popular. Many of you fans have been asking when this vid would be released, since I have hinted several times the TOP SESSION was cumming soon! The first vid (release date 1-30-20), was a tryout vid where he came over and topped me in the Poolhouse late night. He then came back for a poolside daytime 3 way session with LAMusclePair (release date 2-15-20). In both of those vids, I only bottomed because he was too afraid to take my big dick. After quite a bit of at-home dildo practice, he texted me that he was ready for the Big C. So I invited him over on a rainy day off when I was super horny. He arrives while I'm giving the intro, which is funny because you can actually see him in the background waiting for me to let him in. In this part one, we start playing with each other and 69ing, showing off his amazing dick and hole. In part 2, he takes the dick like a fucking champ! Stay Tuned! 4-27-20