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Mid-Day Halloween Fuck: Big C Fucks L.J.--A Super Lean Chinese Fan Preview

Released: 11/01/19
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Length: 2 min. 20 sec.


Don't miss this HOTTTTT 46 minute Video "Mid-Day Halloween Fuck: Big C Fucks L.J.--A Super Lean Chinese Fan".  This super lean, chiseled Chinese Boy hit me up the day before Halloween.  He saw a recent vid I did with a sub buttom Asian kid and he told me "he could do way better".  Shittttt, I had no choice but to invite him over immediately!  His body was just as amazing in person, he says mainly from Yoga!  He came over mid day and the lighting was insanely good... He shows off some different jocks and let me choose which I wanted.  We fuck like rabbits, even in the shower, before I make him milk out a nice Daddy Load.  Like a true bitch, he doesn't get hard or cum!  For sure a Halloween neither of us will ever forget!!! Enjoy!  11-1-19