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Big C Meets A New 18 Year Old Fan Preview

Released: 10/10/19
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Length: 2 min. 18 sec.


Do NOT miss this SEXY 39 minute Daddy/Son Video "Big C Meets A New 18 Year Old Fan".  As you all know we have an Applicatioin process available here on this site.  This 18 year old had been beating off to us like crazy online, and had submitted some hot pictures last week.  He was shocked when I replied "come over", and sure enough he jumped in the car and was at our beach house an hour later!  Although he has bottomed before, he told me upfront that he is much more into oral than fucking.  His desire was to suck my dick silly and get a Dad load on his face.  The boy is so fucking verbal, and the entire time I couldn't believe he was only 18!  Jared got some super hot creeper angles and the entire scene was pretty epic!  Enjoy!  10-10-19