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Epic 3 Way With Superstar Adam Killian Preview

Released: 04/13/19
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Length: 2 min. 30 sec.


Here is the INCREDIBLY 2 Part 1 HOUR TOTAL Video "Our Epic 3 Way With Superstar Adam Killian".  So Adam and Jared did a crazy HOT DP Studio Scene together 8 years ago, before Jared and I had met!  Jared quit Studio Porn right after meeting me, as it was not a source of happiness for him...... Anyway, Jared is LOVING this NEW career we have sculpted, and he always had good chemistry with Adam Killian.  Adam is a true Legend, and I was soooo excited when he hit us up to make a video.  He had been following our carreer, and decided he would give me complete control of the video's creation. In this Part 1, I take a backseat and let Jared go crazy on Adam.  Jared's cock is rock fucking HARD and he gives Adam that ultra good Boy Dick.  He busts one load in this Part 1, then it's Daddy's turn to Fuck in Part 2, and Jared even blows a second load!!  I get the Preview Edited and Posted To our Twitter during the car ride to Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood, where we celebrated a FANTASTIC day of "WORK" LOL!  Get the lube ready ya'all, this is HOTTTT!  4-13-19