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Throwback Video Of Jared Bottoming For Superstar Brent Everett From 2011 Preview

Released: 12/04/18
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Length: 2 min. 19 sec.


Check out this HOT 28 minute Video "Throwback Video Of Jared Bottoming For Superstar Brent Everett From 2011".  OKKKK- HUGE Unveiling for you guys!!!!! Long before I met Jared I had the biggest crush on what most will call the most successful gay pornstar of all time, the one and only Brent Everett. He has operated from his private site for many, many years, and has amassed an enormous following. Anyway, Jared did this scene with him way back when in his "Studio Days" 8 YEARS AGO! Jared didn't really enjoy porn so much with studios, but he loved Brent Everett, as we ALL DO. Soooo..... We have flights booked next week to fly to the Caribbean to stay with Brent for 5 days and FILM FILM FILM! It's gonna be so epic that even I can't believe it's happening. Stay Tuned, y'all already know it's gonna be the TALK OF THE INDUSTRY! Like always, we are excited to fully collaborate with Brent Everett in production & promotion. For now, he'll continue to operate out of his site (BrentEverett.com), where he has his entire collection to date... So go ahead and subscribe there NOW if you'd like to see all his work.  12-4-18