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3 Way Sleepover: Jared & Cory Tag Sexy Muscle Pup TannerHydexxx Preview

Released: 03/18/20
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Don't miss this 2 part video, totaling almost 1 hour "3 Way Sleepover:  Jared & Cory Tag Sexy Muscle Pup TannerHydexxx".  This cute as fuck kid is exactly the type we love: Cute as a button, sexy as fuck, and super submissive.  Jared had been chatting with him on Twitter, and texted him on a rainy Los Angeles night.  I give Jared and Tanner an hour of 1-1 time before I walk in on them fucking hard. They both blow massive loads, and then we all get a good nights sleep.  When the sun rose, so did our dicks!  We have a hot, cum filled morning 3 Way session before I head out to work.  This kid is super fucking cute, and yes I fucking LOVE my life!!! Enjoy!  3-18-20