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Sizzling 3 Way Fuck: Big C, Jack Hunter, & Jake Klerin Preview

Released: 12/10/20
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You can NOT miss this ONE HOUR LONG, 2 PART VIDEO "Sizzling 3 Way Fuck: Big C, Jack Hunter, & Jake Klerin".  Jake is newer to the Industry, and recently visited Los Angeles... Of course he called me up wanting that Daddy D, so I invited him over to hang out!  We filmed some crazy hot 1-1 vids, but I also invited my good-ole buddy superstar Jack Hunter over to use that big dick on Jake.  We start with a good long workout to get the blood flowing and the muscles pumped... From there it was non stop fucking.  Jake has an eager pink hole that can take as much as any top/s can give.  We sure did put him to the test, and of course he plassed with flying cum everywhere!  Like I said, do NOT miss this one!  12-10-20