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PG Vid: Ambers' 1st Liter Of 6- January 2021

Released: 01/10/21
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Length: 3 min. 2 sec.


Here is a short 3 minute PG Video "Ambers' 1st Liter of 6- January 2021".  As you all know, I do most of the work associated with this porn career, especially the time consuming editing and production.  Jared, on the other hand, handles almost ALL of the work associated with the dogs and breedings.  We both have our passions, and we have worked together as a team for the last 10 years!  There is so much love each time a liter comes that I feel the need to take clips and of course share with ya'all.  In this stressful time in life, it's important to see the good and experience love fully!  Enjoy! Hope everyone's 2021 is off to a healthy and happy start!  1-8-21