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PINNED VIDEO: Intro Info On TheBigCMen.com

Released: 05/12/21
Views: 36145
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Length: 14 min. 41 sec.


Hey Guys— 

Welcome to the 15 minute Video, "Intro Info On TheBigCMen.com".  I’m Big C, my real name is Cory, and I’m 100% responsible & in control of the content for this site.  Together with my husband Jared and a team of behind the scenes web developers, we have created an awesome website to house our 100% Exclusive Collection of cutting edge, REAL porn.  Our vision has always been to capture the most awesome, REAL sex from both our porn star and amateur buddies.  As we began creating videos, we met many, many new guys and are thankful to have already accumulated over 700 incredible videos in just under 3 years.  

The videos are organized on the site in chronological release date order, and of course we post pretty much as things happen.  It usually takes me a few days to edit & post each video, and for the past 2.5 years I’ve posted at least a few times per week.  I do all the filming & editing on my own and always infuse my passion into this very rewarding "side career".  As a member, you’ll quickly notice I work my ass off (both literally and figuratively) to bring our valued fans the best experience imaginable.  

As far as what kind of videos you’ll see here, I’d say the variety is outstanding.  Jared & I have been together almost 10 years-- We are both hung & verse, so aside from fucking each other, there is literally no telling who we will top or bottom for next.  We do solos, we play together & separate, & also incorporate group sex with 3 ways, 4 ways, and the largest group so far is the Epic 5 Way with Josh Moore, Ricky Roman, and Jack Hunter.  We tailor each video to our scene partners likings & ability.  For example, we tend to do just jerk off/oral stuff with the bi guys, but if we are fucking an experienced porn star like Devin Franco, you better believe you’re gonna see some DP action & fisting.  Our collection so far includes jerking, sucking, fucking, edging, flipping, dp, ass to mouth, spitting, fisting, trimming, dom/sub play, daddy/son play, and there's even some piss play.  I’d like to think I make it all look more artistic than trashy, and I creatively edit for viewing pleasure so that footage is always cum provoking & never boring.  We try to incorporate as many scene locations as possible:  You'll of course see alot of the properties we own, which include our Beach House, our Valley House, and my non-porn businesses (Big C Jewelry & Loan & Big C Coin Laundry).  We film at bath houses, sex clubs, public bathrooms, beaches, garages, cars, other people's places, rooftops, & there's even a few airport scenes.  

Check out this list of porn stars that we have done scenes with so far:  Dillon Anderson, Minoflex, Jack Hunter, Trenton Ducati, Nick Fitt, Armond Rizzo, Avatar Akyia, Jett Rink, Kyle Kakes, Deepthroat Buddy, Jack Mackenroth, Zane Taylor, Dknightxxx, Zario Travezz, Remy Cruze, Josh Moore, Ricky Roman, Adam Awbride, Shay Stone, Cade Maddox, JJ Knight, Cesarxes, Carlos Villanueva, Colton Gray, Deepthroat4xxxl, Ryan Carter, Pup Digger, JayBarrett1, Taylor Reign, Dakota Payne, Adam Killian, Parker Payne, Xmanican, Logan Moore, Manuel Skye, Archer Croft, Riley Mitchell, Jason Angel, Jackson Reed, Leon Reddz, Ryheim Shabazz, GavinJxxx, Levy Fox, IamJakePerez, Hoss Kado, Scott Lazarus, BigDickFig, Austinxx32, Ofloveandflesh, Devin Franco, & Brent Everett.

In addition to this long list of porn stars, our unique collection incorporates just as many if not more scenes with complete amateurs & fans— Both those who choose to show face and those who prefer to have their identity concealed.  We call these guys our "DL buds".  I can easily hide their identity by either using masks or carefully chosen angles.  On occasion, I’ll even pay an advanced editor to carefully blur the face after I’m done editing the vid.  Whether they are DL or not, many of these videos are EVEN more popular than the big name porn stars… Why? Because they are REAL AS FUCK-- These boys don’t receive compensation, and volunteer strictly for the fun, excitement, and of course pleasure.  Most of the time I give the amateurs a title that describes who they are, since a lot of times they return & appear in multiple scenes.

Our most popular amateurs so far include: The Muscle Couple, The Israeli Boy, The Boy from Mexico City, Grindr Guy, The Puerto Rican Bottom Bitch, Muscle Boy, The Pussyboy, The Blonde Twinkboy, The Pride Bathroom Fuck, The Traveling Gymnast, College Bud Brandon, The Beautiful, Long Haired Boy From London, The DL Married Fan, The Boy From Chile, The Weho Cumdump, The DL UCLA Boy, The DL Bi Hung Army Veteran, & Amateur Bud Ricky.  

The cool thing about this site is it tracks the number of views & also allows members to click a “Favorite” button, which adds the video to an easily accessible separate tab, acting as a personal "spank bank" library comprised only of the chosen favorites.  When possible, I’ve tried to even mix group scenes up with both amateurs and porn stars together-- One of my Favorites is the 4 way with Jared, Cade Maddox, and our amateur college Buddy Brandon.  90% of our Collection is of course the hardcore sex vids, but we also try to give our Valued Fans a look into our real lives as well with PG Promos, Vids from Events like Awards Shows, and even "Behind the Scenes Vids" from our Scenes & Vacations.  There is also a “Bonus Section” tab where I post “Throwback” scenes and clips from before our “porn career” began.  

As far as the structure of the site, I think of it as a front side which is completely free and a back side which is for paying members only.  The front side has the previews (app 1-2 minutes long) from the last few months scenes in chronological release date order.  From watching these you can of course cum (many times LOL), but moreover you can see our posting style, content, and consistency.  You can see there are currently 5 pages of previews.  On the paying side, there are currently 53 pages of FULL VIDEOS, each video ranging from 5 minutes to over an hour.  I separate some of the longer videos into multi parts and sometimes post one part per day to build excitement. As a member, you have unlimited streaming access to our entire Collection.  Jared & I are so appreciative to have such a large following so quickly and are thrilled to have taken this ultimate step in our career with our OWN SITE.

— Cory  8-22-19