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4 Way Couple Fuck: Cory & Jared Top Austinxx32 & Ofloveandflesh: Part 1 Preview

Released: 06/13/19
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Length: 2 min. 21 sec.


Don't miss this 25 minute Part 1 of "4 Way Couple Fuck: Cory & Jared Top Austinxx32 & Ofloveandflesh".  So we had been chatting with this sexy couple for a little while and they invited us to their Housewarming Party!  We attended and got to meet them and their friends.  We snapped a few pics and I let them both suck on my dick for a few minutes, so they were def eager for more.  We invited them over to our place for some afternoon fun.  This is BOTH of our FIRST couple sex, so we didn't really know what to expect.  The chemistry was awesome though, and we pretty much just bounced around the house fucking.  We started on the Top Floor and even went out to the balcony for a bit, then headed down to the Middle Floor in Part 2.  Enjoy!  6-13-19