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Insane Moving Day Clip

Released: 12/01/19
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Check out this 1 minute Preview Clip of our "Insane Moving Day".  I am going to put together a longer full video once all the customizations are complete and we are settled a bit more.  To be honest, it's been one of the toughest few weeks of our lives.  Aside from the move, we got into a horrific car accident a few days ago.  On Thanksgiving night after dinner with my parents, we were driving back home to the new house.  We were following my dad, when all of a sudden a drunk driver runs a red light, hitting us and forcing us into oncoming traffic... We then hit a car head on, both of us going 40 mph.  We were all lucky to live and escaped with no broken bones.  We are, however, in tons of pain and seeing a chiropractor daily.  I am editing a hot vid I took the day before the accident, and will get that posted asap, but please be patient and understanding as we get through this tough time.  12-1-19