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Insanely Hot Fan Fuck: Big C Fucks A Very Talented Fan-- Part 2: Next Day Breed Preview

Released: 01/07/21
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Here is the Scorchin HOT 39 minute Part 2 of "Insanely Hot Fan Fuck: Big C Fucks A Very Talented Fan".  This super sexy Fan came over the previous day, and we had a fuck filled passionate night of fun.  He got a phone call and had to abruptly leave, but he promised me he would return the next day.  Sure enough, he showed up the next day ready for more.  I was shocked he wasn't even the least bit sore, especially since most the fucking was just spit and no lube!!  Anyway, we fuck hard and I get that nice deep Daddy Breed in, then make him blow his boy load.  I gave him a tour of the new gym, and one thing led to another-- Breed number 2 in the sling!  Such great chemistry with this guy.  Believe it or not, he returned the next day for an off camera fuck.  I like to reward amateurs with off camera fun since the on cam sex is a little bit different!  Enjoy!  1-7-21