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Behind The Scenes: 2020 Cybersocket Awards Full Red Carpet Preview

Released: 03/20/20
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Check out this cool 41 minute Behind The Scenes Video "2020 Cybersocket Awards Full Red Carpet".  The videographer who did the Red Carpet is a friend of mine, and he sent me this awesome FULL VIDEO of the Cybersockets Red Carpet.  We posted the sex vids from the Preparty & Afterparty earlier this year when it happened (1-24/25).  But I'm just getting around to editing these PG Vids from the Awards!  You can fastforward to our part (minute 34) if you like, but it's fun to watch the other porn stars & Industry folks too!  We arrived with Bigdickfig, Xmanican, and our friend (& publicist) Demi.  I also posted a Video of the actual Awards, where we WON BOTH our nominations!  These awards are voted by Fans, so the recognition meant a TON to us!! 3-20-20